Demonstration Centre

The HESMOS IVEL Pilot Demonstration Centre

The HESMOS consortium established a demonstration centre, where the pilots, developped in HESMOS, can be seen also after the official end of the project. The demonstrations can be done in webconferences or in face-to-face meetings. The centre is operated by BAM.


The following experts are available to run the demonstrations and to provide support for it:

Wilfred van Woudenberg, BAM
Bastian Bort,BAM
Marie-Christine Geißler, BAM
Ken Baumgärtel, TUD-CIB
René Hoch, TUD-IBK
Burkhard Hensel, TUD-TIS
Thomas Liebich, AEC3
Friedrich Jonas, OPB
Raimund Zellner, NEM
Tuomas Laine, OG

How to get a demonstration

Depending on the level of interest of an interested party, the effort for an IVEL-demonstration can be significant. In order to receive an offer to cover the effort, please fill in the following contact form.

Get an offer for an IVEL demonstration

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