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The Project

HESMOS Overview

HESMOS will achieve an industry-driven holistic approach for sustainable optimisation of energy performance and emissions (CO2) reduction through integrated design and simulation, while balancing investment, maintenance and reinvestment costs. The objective is to close the gaps between existing intelligent building/facilities data so that complex lifecycle simulation can easily be done in all design, refurbishment and retrofitting phases where the largest energy saving potentials exist.
This will be achieved by

An innovative SOA around the kernel functionality of BIM-based CAD/FM will be applied. Information interoperability will be achieved by enhancing BIM with energy and emissions features to a new sharable eeBIM. Intelligent access methods and a specialised ontology will be developed to enable multi-system integration and management of material, climate and product databases and data from sensor networks and other ICT sub-systems into CAD/FM. An extensive 30-month validation program at 2 PPP projects will be carried out during the project.