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Public HESMOS-Workshop 28. Nov.2013 / Amsterdam

Public HESMOS WS 28 Nov 2013

Public HESMOS WS 28 Nov 2013


HESMOS Workshop - 26. Oct 2012 in Munich


Overview on HESMOS-Meetings

28 Nov 2013: Public Workshop in Amsterdam

After a preparation day with final checks, a very successful public workshop was organised by BAM at Schiphol Amsterdam. Results of the HESMOS project were presented to 60 participants from several countries, companies and institutes.
Plenary and 1 to 1 discussions were great and the HESMOS team received very positive feedback.

09. Oct 2013: Public WS at the buildingSMART week

During the buildingSMART international BIM-Week in Munich, the HESMOS Integrated Virtual Energy Laboratory was presented step by step from end-user point and developer of view for the design & tendering as well as the operation and retrofitting phases to an audience of architects, engineers, facilities managers, consultants.

07. Mai /22. Mai /18. Jun2013: Review of IVEL ...

The WebConferences led by BAM should provide a complete update on status of the HESMOS IVEL developments and should be a user seminar for the end-users by explaining step by step how the IVEL and its components work.
Additionally, it should give answers per use case for validation of pilots and verification with measurable targets.

07.-08. Mar 2013: Gen.Assembley & Technical Meetg.

Another technical meeting took place in Dresden for reviewing the expectations of the European Commission for the 3rd year from review report and defining together the needed input and actions for validation of the pilot projects by presenting the different scenarios.


26. Nov 2012: HESMOS 2nd Review

The 2nd review of the HESMOS project took place in Brussels. The HESMOS project team presented the different use case scenarios with end user introduction and live software demonstrators. The EC and reviewers agreed that the project is in good progress and set their expectations for the 3rd year.

26. Oct 2012: First Public Workshop at Obermeyer

The first public workshop of the EU research project Holistic Energy Efficiency Simulation and Lifecycle Management Of Public Use FacilitieS (HESMOS) took place in Munich with an audience of practitioners from various companies (designers, facility managers, public administration, and academia). The purpose of this workshop was to present the HESMOS developments in a multi-facetted way via short introduction presentations and inter-active software demonstrators and to get feedback from the audience through discussions as well as a questionnaire which is really important for further developments regarding BIM, simulations and monitoring.

01.-02. Oct 2012: Gen. Assembly & Technical Meetg.

The technical meeting for preparation of the 1rst public workshop took place In Bratislava to also involve the developers from NEM. The developments were discussed so far and the technical and organisational topics were planned.

05. Jun 2012: Intermediate Meeting eKPI & nD Navi

Another meeting of the eKPI working group (BAM, OPB, TUD) took place in Dresden to detail the nD Navigator scenarios and the graphical processing of data.

23.-24. Apr 2012: Joint Meeting HESMOS ISES

TUD organised a joint meeting with the ISES research project at University of Ljubljana to present intermediate HESMOS developments, to discuss the developments and intermediate results and to interact in order to improve project results.

03.04.2012: Intermediate Meeting eKPI and nD Navig

A meeting of the energy-related Key Performance Indicators (eKPI) working group (BAM, OPB, NEM, TUD) took place at Obermeyer in Munich. The main topic on the AGENDA was to discuss the eKPIs that can be covered by HESMOS IVEL as well as user requirements for the graphical user interface of HESMOS nD Navigator.

16-17 Feb 2012: 4th General Assembly

Hosted by TUD in Dresden, the whole consortium met in order to evaluate the outcome of the 1st review. During the meeting also the current state of specifications had been presented and discussed. The most time had been spent on planning the future technical work and dissemination and exploitation activities. Important topics had been the development of eKPIs (Energy Key Performance Indicators), and the validation of the IVEL on pilot projects. The next steps for the enhancement of energy simulation tools were presented and future steps decided. Same was done for the webservice and interface client for interoperable energy management support and the full prototype of the eeBIM-CAD and the nD-Navigator. Also for the full protoype of the ICT system integration and intelligent access services and for the integrated interoperability methods the next steps were discussed and decided.

13. Jan 2012: 1rst Review Meeting, Brussels

The first review by the European Commission took place in Brussels. The HESMOS project team presented their first results including the process analysis, the data exchange requirements, the defined energy-related Key Performance Indicators as well as the definition of the architecture of the HESMOS Integrated Virtual Energy Laboratory and the energy-enhanced Building Information Modeling (eeBIM) framework. The EC and reviewers agreed that the project is in good progress and set their expectations for the 2nd year.

29-29 Sep 2011: 3rd General Assembly

Hosted by TUD in Dresden, the whole consortium met, in oder to monitor the progress of work and to prepare the upcomming review-meeting and the periodic progress report. The grouo also discussed upcoming future work, like interoperability issues. Also future planning for the work on eeBIM development and a list of implementation issues was a focus of the meeting. Last but not least disemination and exploitation of the project results had been important items on the agenda.
In the evening the consortium used the opportunity to get a glimps on the cultural heritage of Dresden and to gain an understanding of the huge effort which had been invested in restoration of the unique ensemble of the famous Dresden historic skyline.

9-10 Jun 2011: 2nd General Assembly Meeting

Hosted by Olof Granlund in Espoo/Helsinki:
The whole consortium monitored the status of progress of the running workpackages. Beside Disemination and exploitation issues, the discussion of differernt specifications was an important focus of the meeting. Esspecailly the development of the IVEL and eeBIM datamodels took had a prominent place on agenda.
The consortium also experienced the charming landscape of the archipel around Helsinki and the warm hospitality of the Finnish people.

24-25 Mar 2011: 1st Technical Meeting

Hosted by Nemetschek in Bratislava: The whole consortium participated in this meeting, which was well prepared by Nemetschek-Slovensko in the new office building, to which the organisation just moved a two weeks before. Therefore the consortium-members could benefit from the new meeting facilities, which had not been available in the prior office building. With this, as a side-effect, the consortium was able to witness the compelling development of Slovakia and Bratislava and enjoyed the overwhelming hospitality and comity of the people in Slovakia.

The meeting focussed on several aspects of the HESMOS-project:

One important part was the finalisation of the requirement-analysis phase. The results from the prior Intermediate Meetings had been presented and discussed.

A second important part was the discussion on the system architecure of HESMOS. The findings from the Intermediate Meeting in Dresden and the resulting work ending up in several possible alternatives been presented been presented to the consortium. A detailled discussion led to decissions, which are the basics for the common system architecture of the consortium.

In addition to the technical work, the project management adressed several administrative needs and allocated some homework to the project partners.

Overall the participants found this a very helpful and successful meeting.

... and the meetinig-place helped to close a European gap for those participants, who came to Bratislava for their first time, and astonished those, who had not been in this city for many years.

19 Mar 2011: Intermediate Meeting

Meeting focussing on fulfilling requirements specified from the PPP-viewpoint by AEC-software applications. Hosted by Nemetschek in Munich: participants: BAM, Nemetschek

28 Feb 2011 HESMOS-Requirements

Intermediate meeting focussing on finishing the requirement analysis.
Hosted by TUD in Dresden: participants: Nemetschek, Olof Granlund via webconference, TUD

03 Feb 2011: Intermediate Meeting

Meeting focussing on the development of the HESMOS-IDM, according to buildingSMART's Information Delivery Manual Specification / ISO 29481-1:2010. Hosted by BAM in Stuttgart: participants: Obermeyer, AEC3, TUD, BAM

20-21 Jan 2011: 1st General Assembly Meeting

The consortium met for the first geneal assembly since the kick-off in September 2010. Topics of this meeting, beside management tasks, had been presentation and discussion of the current status of the requirement- and gap-analysis. Also some tools, which will be used in the project, had been demonstrated in order to understand the current state-of-the-art.
The meeting was well attended by all partners an hosted by Obermeyer in Munich.

27-28 Sep 2010: Kick-Off

The HESMOS-Kick-Off-meeting took place at the office of BAM in Stuttgart and was attended by all partners. Beside the typical project management aspects a first approach to the usage-scenarios was an important focus of the meeting. The consortium visited a public-use facility, which is operated as a PPP-project by BAM. This excursion highlighted the challenges of energy simulation, energy monitoring, user-behavior and life-cycle costs in such projects.