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HESMOS on the road

Presentations of HESMOS on conferences and other public events


Conference: CIB_W78 - 2010, Cairo
>>> Conference Paper [405 KB]
>>> Persentation on BIM-Based Generation of Multi-Model View [672 KB]

Workshop: eeB - 2010, Brussels
>>> Presentation on HESMOS ICT Platform [443 KB]

Conference: ICT for sustainable homes - 17-19 Nov 2010, Nice

>>> Presentation on the objectives of HESMOS [1.707 KB]

Conference: Gebäude der Zukunft - 18-19. Jan 2011, Munich
>>> Presentation on the HESMOS IVEL-Integrated Virtual Energy Lab [683 KB] (in German)

Workshop: ICT4E2B - 24 Jan 2011, Brussels
>>> Presentations on the Data Models of HESMOS [2.269 KB]

Conference: buildingSMART-Forum 2011 "Nachhaltiges Planen und Bauen mit BIM"- 14 Sep 2011, Berlin
>>> Presentation on BIM and Sustainability in PPP Projects [1.118 KB] (in German)

Public Deliverables

In European projects like HESMOS not all deliverables are public. The reason for this is that the funding often is not 100%. Especially industry partners are contributing 50% of own their ressources or even more to the project.

With respect to this fact, the HESMOS-Consortium tries to share as much as possible to the public already during the runtime of the project. Under this item you'll find deliverables or summaries of deliverables in order to communicate the essential results of the project.

The HESMOS Booklet
Do you like to get an easy enty into all of the complexity of this project?
Just scan throgh our HESMOS-Booklet, afterwards yo'll be redady to dig into the details:
Brochure with the main results of HESMOS

20140317_HESMOS_final booklet_CIB.pdf [10.426 KB]

To Be Process
The so called HESMOS-Dream-Process is describing processes in 3 use-case scenarios
120108_HESMOS TO Be Process.pdf [2.309 KB]

Workpackage 1
Summary on Deliverable D 1.1: "Gap Analysis, Use Case Scenarios and Requirements Specification"
hesmos-summary-page-d1.1.pdf [292 KB]

Workpackage 2
Summary on Deliverable D 2.1: "BIM Enhancement Specification"
hesmos-summary-page-d2.1.pdf [395 KB]
Full deliverable (Status: public)
20110831_hesmos_wp02_d21_final.pdf [1.360 KB]

Summary on Deliverable D 2.2: "HESMOS Architecture"
hesmos-summary-page-d2.2.pdf [281 KB]
Full deliverable (Status: public)
20110808_hesmos_wp02_d22_final.pdf [1.092 KB]

D+ (Additional Deliverable: "A descriptive approach to defining Information Delivery Manuals"
HESMOS_additional Del_IDM_Final.pdf [2.253 KB]

Workpackage 3
Summary on Deliverable D 3.1: "Specification of the eeBIM Functionality for Implementtion and Use"
hesmos-summary-page-d3.1.pdf [423 KB]

Workpackage 4
Summary on Deliverable D 4.1: "Ontology specification for model-based ICT system integration"
hesmos-summary-page-d4.1.pdf [300 KB]
Full deliverable (Status: public)
20111202-hesmos_wp04_deliverable_41_final.pdf [1.012 KB]
Full deliverable 4.2 (Status: public): "Full prototype of ICT system integration and intelligent access services"
hesmos_wp04_d4_2_final.pdf [929 KB]

Workpackage 5
Summary on Deliverable D 5.1: "Specification of interfaces to material and climate databases"
hesmos-summary-page-d5.1.pdf [277 KB]
Full deliverable (Status: public)
20111130_hesmos_d51.pdf [2.692 KB]
Summary on Deliverable D 5.2: "HESMOS enhancements of energy simulation tools"
hesmos-summary-page-d5.2.pdf [225 KB]
Full prototype of the energy simulation tools with interface to IVEL and CAD
HESMOS_WP05_D5_3_Final.pdf [1.500 KB]

Workpackage 6
Summary on Deliverable D 6.1: "Enhancement of the energy-related tools for the lifecycle use of eeBIM"
hesmos-summary-page-d6.1.pdf [468 KB]
Full deliverable (Status: public)
20111130_hesmos_wp06_d61_final.pdf [1.813 KB]
Summary on Deliverable D 6.2: "Web service and interface client for interoperable energy management support"
hesmis-summary-page-d6.2.pdf [235 KB]
Full deliverable (Status: public)
hesmos_wp06_d6_2final.pdf [1.866 KB]
Full prototype of the energy-related tools for facilites operation & lifecycle management
HESMOS_WP06_D6_3_Final.pdf [2.399 KB]

Workpackage 7
Summary on Deliverable D 7.1: "nD-Navigator"
hesmos-summary-page-d7.1.pdf [583 KB]
Full deliverable (Status: public): "Operational prototype of the nD Navigator ans its major features"
hesmos_wp07_d7_2_final.pdf [2.862 KB]
Integrated nD-Navigator prototype
HESMOS_WP07_D07_3_Final_Updated.pdf [1.657 KB]

Workpackage 8
Summary on Deliverable D 8.1: "Configuration and Deployment of the Development Basic SOA System"
hesmos-summary-page-d8.1.pdf [334 KB]
Full deliverable (Status: public): "Integrated Interoperability Methods"
hesmos_wp08_d8_2_final.pdfHESMOS_WP08_D08_3_Final.pdf [881 KB]
Fully integrated operational protoype of the IVEL
HESMOS_WP08_D08_3_Final.pdf [2.590 KB]

Workpackage 9
Summary on Deliverable D 9.1: "Requirements Synthesis and Energy-Related Key Performance Indicators"
hesmos-summary-page-d9.1.pdf [259 KB]
Summary on Deliverable D 9.2: "Recording evidence on benefits and costs"
hesmos-summary-page-d9.2.1.pdf [355 KB]
Recorded evidence on benefitrs and costs of selected public use facilities
HESMOS_WP09_D09_2_2_FINAL.pdf [3.144 KB]
System deployment and public demonstrators
HESMOS_WP09_D09_3_Final.pdf [1.686 KB]

Public Workshops
Intermediate WS #1
HESMOS_WP10_D10_3_1_Final_Revised.pdf [950 KB]
Intermediate WS #2
HESMOS_WP10_D10_3_1_Plus_Final.pdf [6.256 KB]
Final WS
HESMOS_WP10_D10_3_2_Final.pdf [4.060 KB]